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Why Not Use A Free Registry Cleaner

If you’re experiencing problems with your Windows operating system, such as windows running slow or random restarts, you may find yourself looking into obtaining a registry cleaner tool.

When researching registry cleaning software, you’ll come across a wide variety of services. Some of these will be programs that you pay a fee for–either a one-time purchase, or a recurring monthly fee–and others will claim to be free. Those that claim to be free are often using false advertising. The main three problems with free registry cleaning tools are:

They may be malware

A lot of the free registry cleaners you will see advertised are actually spyware, malware, trojans, or viruses in disguise. These are very dangerous. Registry cleaners are allowed access to the deepest parts of your registry, and can cause irreparable damage. These rogue programs are also very difficult to remove, as they go into your operating system’s security system and change permissions, allowing them to access registry keys, files, and folders that are vital to your system’s operation. This can cause your PC to become completely unresponsive, and in extreme cases can force you to completely reformat your hard drive, losing all personal data stored on your computer.

They’re not really free

You’ll often find that after taking the time to download a free registry cleaner, installing it onto your computer, and running a free computer check up, that is where the software’s free functionality ends. They will show you where the problems are, and tell you how many problems were found, but in order to actually clean the registry, you have to purchase the full software or pay an additional fee. These types of “free” registry cleaners also often place adware on your computer, which can be very difficult and time-consuming to eliminate.

They don’t offer technical support

If you run into a problem during the registry cleaning process, you are on your own. If the program is completely free, there is often no technical support available at all, as the cost of paying computer support professionals cannot be supported. Sometimes technical assistance can be found, but will come with a fee attached.

The registry is the foundation of your entire Windows operating system. Before making any changes or running any registry cleaner tools of any kind, always create a registry back-up or a System Restore point. Any alterations of deletions of registry keys directly effect the way your computer runs, and if any keys vital to system operation are deleted, your computer will become completely unresponsive. If this happens, and you have not created a restore point, you will have no other option than to reformat your hard drive completely.

If you’re not technologically savvy enough to manually clean your registry, using a paid registry cleaner program is recommended. That way, if you encounter any problems during the cleaning, professional support is available. Also, with a registry cleaning program that you’ve paid for, it’s not nearly as likely that you will end up with unwanted programs, adware, spyware, or viruses.

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17 Responses to “Why Not Use A Free Registry Cleaner”

  1. admin says:
    Thank you, I try to make this blog as informative as I can. :-)
  2. EveryThing2 says:
    Yeah, I agree. A free one can crash your PC and you’ll have no trusted support.
  3. Pluto says:
  4. KinkiS says:
    I used a free Registry cleaner and it screwed my computer. Don’t do it.
  5. ErrorFixer says:
    Great Post, Very Informative. :-)
  6. Are you kittin me, if you are using a free registry cleaner that prepare your windows installation CD cause it won’t take long until you’ll need to use it. :-) lol
  7. admin says:
    Be sure that this is true. Free registry cleaner can make you reinstall your PC.
  8. LuisFigo says:
    After reading this I understood a few thing on free softwares…
  9. MacyGray says:
    Yeah, I always used RegistryEasy for fixing errors.
  10. JackieMe says:
    Registry cleaners rocks!!! :-)
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  14. moris says:
    Free softwares most of the time brings spyware and viruses with them. Be carfull which you choose.
  15. kyle says:
    this website is so informative keep up the good work!! god bless you….
  16. vinny says:
    i love this website. mwaaaah
  17. maricon says:
    thanks! now i feel relief.

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