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Why Does My Computer Freeze When Streaming Video

Computer freezes when streaming video problems can be highly aggravating to deal with. While streaming video online was rare just a decade ago, this form of media has become one of the most commonly accessed and created elements of the internet. While originally YouTube was the only popular site that featured a high volume of streaming video, nearly every single website online these days features some form of streaming video. If you’re going to navigate the web smoothly and with a minimum of frustration, you need to know how to solve this problem.

Why Does My Computer Freeze When Streaming Video

Most freezes during streaming video will only last for about half a minute, but occasionally these freezes will stop your video in its tracks entirely, forcing you to reload the page and try again. Both are caused by the same basic problems.

  • Your computer is filled with files that it doesn’t need any more, which are simply clogging up your hard drive and eating up otherwise needed system resources.
  • Your hard drive might have some internal errors and fragmented files that need to be fixed and cleaned out.
  • Your registry is likely to have multiple errors that you need to address.

Fixing Your Computer Freeze When Streaming Video Problems

Most of the above problems slow down streaming video because they eat up system resources, and streaming video requires a large amount of free system resources to function properly.

  • Download the free program named CC Cleaner an run it immediately. Afterwards, run it once a week for maintenance. This program will go through your computer and delete any temporary files and caches that build up from regular daily use, providing you with considerably more free system resources.
  • Go to your computer’s start menu, and in the bottom-most field type in ‘chkdsk C:F’ and then press enter. Your computer will need to reboot, let it do so now. Your computer will boot up its BIOS and make sure there are no problems on your hard drive. If it encounters any, it will fix them for you.
  • Get a disk defrag software and run it the next time you can leave your computer running without having to use it, as defragmentation requires most of your system resources and takes a long time. Most people defrag their systems overnight.

Fixing Your Registry

Both of the above fixes are necessary to implement, but nothing is going to get your computer running back up to speed as quickly and as effectively as getting a registry cleaner and running it regularly. Your registry is a collection of keys that tell your computer and its programs the parameters for pretty much every action that they take. As you can imagine, a registry filled with errors will cause a lot of problems and can lead to computer freeze when streaming video issues.

Fixing Registry Errors

While it’s possible to fix all of these Top 7 Reasons to Regularly Repair The Windows Registry by manually editing your computer’s registry, doing so in inadvisable. If you accidentally adjust or delete the wrong key in your computer’s registry than you can cause serious harm to your system. It’s a much better, and safer, idea to simply get yourself a registry cleaner and let that program clean out your keys and holes for you.

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  1. scorpio says:
    adding up RAM would help make it faster?
  2. rammy says:
    maybe you have a slow internet connection, try to check your internet speed by performing speedtest.

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