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How To Speed Up Windows 7 Boot Time

Windows 7 is a great system, but it isn’t exactly a perfect system, as many people have had to deal with slow loading times and are left wondering “how to speed up Windows 7 boot time?” While the question isn’t particularly complicated, it does have a some convoluted answer as there are a bunch of reasons why windows 7 loads slowly and just as many potentially effective solutions.

All of these speed-up fixes are actually easy to implement, so go ahead and learn what you need to do to get 7 loading as quickly as you desire.

The Reasons behind Windows 7 Slow Loads

If you want to know how to speed up Windows 7 boot time, you need to know why Windows 7 is booting at a less than ideal speed. Most slow loads are the result of one of the following:

  • You have the default Windows 7 visual theme named Aero turned on. Aero does nothing for the functionality of your computer, and simply eats up resources and slows down your performance for the sake of aesthetics. This visual theme can use a LOT of system resources.
  • You haven’t modified the functionality of your computer’s User Account Controls. This is the system that shows you all of those popup windows each time the system detects a potential threat.
  • You have Search Index Functioning switched on. This is a feature that can possibly save you time if you are using your system’s search function every 2 minutes, but otherwise just makes your computer run slower.
  • You have excess default applications and services running that you have no use for.

Solutions for how to speed up Windows 7 boot time

Knowing what causes slowdown in Windows 7 load times is half the battle, the other involves implementing simple fixes that will take make these issues irrelevant.

  • Ask yourself whether you value performance over aesthetics. If you do, then go ahead and switch off your Aero theme and change it over to a far less resource intensive visual theme.
  • While it sounds safer to leave your User Account Controls as is, at the end of the day it doesn’t really do much of anything to protect your computer against threats. As long as you follow common sense, such as making sure you don’t install programs that you don’t know the origins of, than you shouldn’t have any need for the frequent constant warnings that your UAC provides.

    Very Important!

    Windows 7 slow boot time are most of the times caused by old drivers or faulty drivers that are installed on your computer. It is very recommended to update your computer drivers before making any changes to tweak windows 7 performance.

  • Disable your system’s search indexing.
  • In your computer’s Programs and Features section, go to Turn Windows Features On or Off and make sure that you’re only automatically running the applications and services that you are using and that you require. Turn off the rest.

Taking the Next Step with a Registry Cleaner

Speeding up Windows 7 boot time isn’t particularly complicated, as pretty much anyone can complete the previously mentioned steps. If you’re ready to take one more step to keep your system running as effectively as possible, than go ahead and get yourself a registry cleaner and make sure you run it once a week. Lots of slow down and other computer problems arise from problems with a cluttered registry. Not only is a registry cleaner an effective solution to the “how to speed up Windows 7 boot time” problem, but it will also clear up a whole range of other potential problems you’re likely to run into.

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    I also recommend on uninstalling some unnecessary programs and remove unneeded startup programs from running when windows 7 start.
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