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How To Fix The Error 126 Error Easily

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Computers are essential for our everyday lives, however they aren’t as reliable as many people would like. There are lots of problems which can cause your computer to suffer and cause lots of problems for you.

Causes of Error 126 Error

Error 126 Error is often displayed during the runtime and it is caused because some of the DLL files on your computer are not available. Sometimes this code is displayed whenever the application tries to connect to a database and the required DLL file is not available. It’s very important that all of the paths to the different DLL files are specified because databases require these files in order to connect. Some of the common database drivers include Oracle ODBC driver, Microsoft Oracle Driver, and WinSQL Oracle Driver.

Important Note!

In order to prevent blue screens, computer freezes, PC errors and slow computer, it is important to keep your drivers updated, it is very recommended to check for driver updates in order to keep a stable Windows.

There are many different potential causes of the Error 126 Error and the solutions to each of these problems will be slightly different.

You will often experience the Error 126 error message when you are trying to install MSI packages from SQL Server 2000.

Solution For The Error 126 Error Message

When you are trying to open an SQL database from within Excel you might receive a message saying that the necessary driver cannot be loaded because of error 126. This is caused because the ODBC driver on your computer is missing or damaged. This driver should be installed as standard with windows, however if you receive this error then it needs correcting.

To correct the error 126 error message in this case you can visit the Microsoft website and search for Microsoft Data Access components. This should resolve the error 126 error message in this case.

When trying to start the server on your computer you might experience error 126 error telling you that a specified module cannot be found. This is because the Srvsvc.dll file is either corrupt or missing. This is a very easy problem to fix because you just need to find the srvsvc.dll file. You could download this from one of the many dll library sites on the internet, however there is a much quicker and safer way.

The file will already exist on your original windows XP CD, if you can find it then this will be the safest and easiest method of getting the file back.

You will first need to expand the file by doing the following:

  1. Click Start->Click Run->Type “cmd”
  2. At the command prompt type “d:\i386\srvsvc.dl_ c:\windows\system32\srvsvc.dll
  3. Close command prompt
  4. Click Start->Click Run->Type “Services.msc”
  5. Try to start the Server service again

The guide above assumes that your CD drive is drive D and your hard drive is drive C.

Fix Error 126 With Registry Cleanup

The error 126 is 99% of the time a result of registry errors and invalid entries. In order to fix the error 126 you will have to clean your registry. By cleaning I mean fixing all of the errors it has. You can do it manually by pressing Start->Run->regedit and do it from there, But, you should do it only if you know how to do it, If not I recommend using a registry cleaner which is a much safer way to fix the registry and error 126.


If you don’t know how to use regedit it is very recommended to use a registry cleaner to fix your registry and error 126 because any mistake you make can cause severe damage to Windows and even prevent it from working at all.

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  2. noni23 says:
    So, if when my computer starts, I have error 126 message and right after that I have msvcr80.dll file missing error message, are they connected?

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