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Facebook Games Viruses – How To Avoid?

Have you heard of Facebook games viruses? Think you have one? This one of those mixes of fact and fiction combined with a little bit of misunderstood information. It is indeed possible to get viruses from interaction on Facebook, but generally isn’t the applications themselves. Typically it is from links that look like games or links to external sites that look like games. These links that take you outside of Facebook can host malware or various forms of spyware and potentially even viruses. That is the root of why people think viruses can come from Facebook.

If you think you might have been hit by something from one of these sites, the most immediate step is to run a full virus scan. If you are using a paid anti-virus thats expired, your anti-virus definitions are probably not up to date. The first thing you need to do is either renew your subscription or more practically get one of the excellent free anti-virus applications out there. Try either AVG Free Edition or Avast anti-virus. Both are frequently updated and used by a large number of users. Once you have your definitions fully updated and you have run a full scan, allow it to remove any problems it finds.

The next step will be to download, install, and run an anti-spyware application to check for any Facebook games viruses. Applications such as Spybot Search and Destroy will scan for applications and files that anti-virus miss. Various malware and spyware can hide pretty well from anti-virus applications. Using both in tandem is a fairly reliable way to clean things up. Once Spybot has been run and cleaned anything up it might have found, make sure to follow the instructions to immunize. This does an excellent job of preventing future spyware from being installed.

Once you have done all those steps, spend a little time running a registry cleaner. This will clean up any last issues and more than likely improve general performance. So if you are worried about facebook games viruses, don’t be. Just be careful.

4 Responses to “Facebook Games Viruses – How To Avoid?”

  1. agot says:
    ohh so now i know, i thought we really get those viruses from facebook :( … so its usually from fake links that looks like fb game.
  2. blinky says:
    thank you for posting this, i personally really love to play facebook games but at least now i know…
  3. cris polo says:
    some say we get viruses with some things we download and install to our computers, hmmm it might happen too i think…
  4. vgallier says:
    Thanks for this additional information :)

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