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Computer Shuts Down By Itself – What To Do?

If your computer shuts down by itself, it’s likely that you’re going to be very frustrated pretty much every time that you log on and try and get anything done. Besides the annoyance factor, it can also be very damaging to your productivity, as it can cause you to lose work if you aren’t used to regularly saving what you’re doing and backing everything up. It’s pretty easy to lose up to a whole day’s worth of work if you aren’t carefully and if you’re having lots of unexpected shut down problems. Many people don’t have this problem, but still get plenty stressed from their unruly computer.

There are a number of possibilities for why your computer shuts down by itself, and some easy fixes to keep it from happening.

The Reasons Why Your Computer Shuts Down By Itself

The vast majority of reasons for your computer turning itself off are twofold and simple to understand and identify.

  • Often times your computer will power itself down because something has gone wrong, or is going wrong internally, and it wants to make sure that it isn’t going to suffer any serious and irreparable damage. It can be really frustrating when you run into these kinds of shut down scenarios, but it’s important that you remember that it’s for the overall safety of your system. For example, if your computer is overheating it might be annoying that it shuts itself down, but this gives it a chance to cool off and to make sure it doesn’t fry its hardware.
  • Memory issues are also a big reason why your computer shuts down by itself. Memory is a valuable currency in the digital world, and your computer needs certain amounts of spare memory free to complete actions. When you are making a lot of demands on your computer and it runs out of memory, it might have to crash and shut itself down.

Avoiding Memory Shortages and Computer Overheating

It’s generally pretty easy to determine if one of the above is the cause of your computer shutting down, and to fix it when you identify the problem.

  • Your computer will overheat when you put a lot of strain and stress on it. The more your computer has to work, the more heat it will produce. This is why computers have fans built into their cases, to help keep them running at an optimally cool temperature. When there’s a problem with your computer’s fan, or when its ventilation grates are blocked, than it can easily overheat. This tends to happen more often with laptops than with desktops as their vents get blocked easier, like when you use it in bed. To prevent it from overheating, put fewer demands on your computer and make sure its fan and vents are running properly, and replace them if need be.
  • Memory crashes are even easier to fix- you just need to get more RAM. This will provide your system with more memory so it can run more applications at the same time, and it will make it so you replace any sticks that you have which might have gotten corrupted.

A Quick Miracle Cure- Registry Cleaners

If neither of the above works to stop instances when your computer shuts down by itself, you probably need to get a registry cleaner and run it once a week. Even if the first solution you try works, it’s a good idea to get and regularly use a registry cleaner. The problems associated with a registry that’s filled with corrupted keys are numerous, and can contribute to both memory shortages and overheating. Getting a cleaner to make sure your registry is declogged at least once a week will help everything on there run smoother, and will help prevent future computer shuts down by itself errors.

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  1. kenneth val says:
    everytime i get this error i just reformat my pc right away, the cause of this error is virus.

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